From Accountable to Count-on-Able

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Accountability is the heart of every highly productive workplace, promoting efficiency and harmony among our employees. Imagine a team full of people who didn’t take responsibility for any task – nothing would ever get done!

Accountability is a loaded word–but what’s more powerful than accountability is being Count-On-Able™.

Being Count-On-Able™ is the new way to supercharge your team, and create trust, loyalty, and empowerment in your company. And our guest in this episode is the author of Count-On-Able™,


Jeff Cohen known for developing and executing team-centric organizational transformation. He is passionate about implementing strengths-based go-to-market strategies that support companies during their most critical development and growth phases.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Jeff consults and coaches executives that serve global businesses. Jeff has worked for both large and small enterprise software companies, such as IBM, and successfully created, launched and sold his own 7-figure businesses.


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