From Boys to Young Men

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It was a weekend of scouting activities for the Weber family. While my husband and sons were at the church decorating for the Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet, my daughter and I were delivering the Girl Scout Cookies. Gianna sorted all of the orders herself. She efficiently jumped out of the van and ran up to each house.

I watched Gianna joyfully gain confidence with each step to and from the houses. After each delivery she skipped back to the vehicle with a big smile on her face, ready for the next order. It was finally her turn after so many years of tagging along with her brother selling Boy Scout popcorn.

The Blue and Gold Banquet culminated with the crossing over of the six Webelos into Boy Scouts. Having our own Ian up in the front as one of the Boy Scouts-to-be made it a special night.

The Webelos were presented with the Arrow of Light that was specifically made for each one of them by the boys in Boy Scouts who would soon be their mentors. The Arrow of Light is a custom designed arrow with paintings and markings that represent the unique badges and merits that each of the boys had completed during their time as Cub Scouts.

Ian was particularly touched by the gift. From across the room, I saw the proud look in our son’s eye. Seeing his Arrow of Light, it was as if Ian was beginning to comprehend the significance of his five-year journey towards this accomplishment.

Towards the end of the ceremony an older boy who had just achieved his Eagle Scout, the highest award in Boy Scouts, briefly spoke to the group. My husband and I were taken aback with his poise, confidence, and humility at such a young age.

You see…we are not just raising children, we’re raising leaders.

As is tradition, upon passing from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, Ian’s cohort will no longer be referred to as “boys”, but rather “young men”. They will be the leaders in their school, on the sports field, and among their peers. Strong male leadership can move mountains. Many of the ills of society would go away with proper male leadership.

And I want our daughter to be able to confidently stand up to the bullying of mean girls in our Catholic School like what a courageous girl that I learned about today recently did.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Look for opportunities to support or participate in programs that help form future leaders.

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