Getting Grounded with Money

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In August, money flew from the Weber home paying for the replacements of eight flat tires and the repair of a collapsed bunk bed, a clogged bathroom sink, a broken toilet seat, among other things.  A quiet whisper reminded me of the great insights I learned from Chris Horn, former NFL player, during the Midwest Catholic Conference about keeping money in proper perspective.

Mr. Horn, who personally experienced extreme financial ups and down as a professional football player, walked us through the virtues he found useful to stay grounded with money.

Prudence led the way, by asking what we are doing with the money we have.  Justice followed by challenging us to give God what is God’s in a spirit of humility.  Fortitude keeps us firm in difficulties, still giving back to God even during the tough times.  Temperance provides balance in the use of created goods, while faith gives us our daily bread.  Hope invites us to share our dreams and aspirations with God as Thy will be done.  Charity helps us to make Christ’s love real.  We learn to give everything to others, to love them the way they are, and through giving ourselves away, we find ourselves.

Moving steadily ahead in discipline, faith, trust,  and generosity—no matter what the outside circumstances are—is a prescription for all of us to be centered with our finances.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Take the next step to be a better steward of your money.

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