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Accounting is not my gift…just ask my accountant.

Ironically, I have a Bachelors Degree in Business. My accounting classes were always my Achilles heel. I was more into the flair of the marketing and business strategy.

So I guess I really should not be surprised about what happened over Christmas break. I take a week off from seeing clients between Christmas and New Years to spend time with family and friends, close my books, and create and review my goals for the coming year.

Towards the middle of my time away from my office, I sat down to complete a simple bookkeeping task that I thought would take me three to four hours. It ended up taking me four solid days plus three to four hours each weekend and counting. I am still not done.

Being in a fog with the money gets me into trouble quickly. Our income level hasn’t mattered. If we spend more than we make at a lower income, earning more money typically hasn’t fixed the problem.

It has been a painful process of getting those numbers right at home with my husband and in my business. But I know it is an important exercise not only for our financial well-being but also for my spiritual health.

A side benefit is that because of those late nights working on the computer, I discovered “Glee” for the first time on Netflix. Hear some of my expert commentary from a Catholic perspective after watching over 17 straight episodes in my next blog.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Take steps so that you have accurate records of what you spend and what you earn.

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