Girls Gotta Have Fun

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Photo from The Oregonian

Earlier I read about my Kansas State Wildcats, who just lost in the Fiesta Bowl to the Oregon Ducks.  The 26 seniors talked about how over the years, with the addition of new players, the culture   changed from a losing one to a winning one.  Guys who weren’t used to winning tended to be stiff and uptight.  While the players who knew how to win had a swagger, were light, and always had fun.

Fun can slip out the door if you are not careful when you take your Catholic faith seriously.  With the gift of faith comes responsibilities:  responsibilities to grow in holiness, to raise Godly kids, to be a good witness, and to have a beautiful marriage.  When we start to let ourselves feel overburdened, we can get down carrying the weight of the world—and that’s not fun at all.

Being fun and fluid leads to success on the football field and in your life.  And being uptight, like I can get sometimes, is unattractive and ineffective in building relationships and building the kingdom. Take a lesson from my Wildcats who were not having fun on the field and were not fun to watch: loosen up.  Don’t take your need for fun for granted.  To complete your mission effectively and in style, girls gotta have fun.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Make sure you have fun today.

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