Healthy Homes with Great Parenting as You Grow Your Biz

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Juggling the 17 Hats you wear as a business owner gets even more complicated when there are kiddos at home to raise.  Yet, if God has blessed you with children, raising them right tops the list of your most important responsibilities and achievements. Well-raised and well-formed children growing into adulthood are one of life’s greatest joys and gifts to the world.

Is there a more efficient and effective way to be a great parent? Is our current culture supporting healthy parenting? Could being an entrepreneur actually help your parenting process and skills? What are some of the risks of being so distracted in your business to your responsibilities as a parent?

Our guest in this episode, Mika Gross, M.S., is the founder and owner of The Parent’s Place. Mika has degrees in Psychology and Family Therapy and is a 25 year professional in the fields of child and adolescent services, family therapy and education, program development and marketing, and business operations. She is an active volunteer in the Wichita community.

Mika facilitates parenting classes and small group sessions, child development education, and one-on-one private consultation and education. She incorporates some of the Love and Logic® parenting principles in the programs and services based on  her expertise in child development, brain development and family systems principles. She commits to giving you practical strategies in a supportive and compassionate environment that appreciates the complexities of parenting.

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