How Mother-Daughter Relationships Can Affect Your Career

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No matter how successful we may otherwise be in our relationships and careers, when it comes to family struggles it’s a little more difficult to be objective in how they affect all areas of our lives.

This is especially true of the mother-daughter relationship, which, when unhealthy, can have long-lasting negative effects in every area of a woman’s life– from her ability to sustain relationships with her spouse and children to her ability to succeed in her career. 

Knowing why this relationship is so important, and learning ways to help repair or accept an unhealthy one can lead to healing in all of these areas for greater success in life. 

Our guest today is the author of Forgiving Mother: A Marian Novena of Healing and Peace. In the book, Marge Fenelon describes how her relationship with the Blessed Mother led to unforgettable healing in several areas of her life, and she’ll share some of these insights with us today.

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