How to Achieve Permanent Freedom from Diabetes

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Those who suffer from diabetes may think there’s no end to their suffering. The disease is treated as if there is no cure, and it stays with you for life. The little treatment there is involved expensive medications and dangerous side effects. Even if the medication lessens the effects of diabetes, it’s common that the side effects include weight gain, stomach discomfort, and in worse cases, kidney disease. 

In this episode, Dr. Delane Vaughn offers a better, natural solution to type 2 diabetes. She introduces a new lifestyle that does not include any sort of medication, so you can enjoy life freely. This lifestyle modification can not only keep diabetes in check but also completely reverse the effects of it on your body.

Dr. Delane Vaughn specializes in family medicine and is board-certified with over 25 years of medical experience. She expresses a great passion for the prevention of certain medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Through many different medical occupations, she learned the secrets of preventing “incurable” diseases through natural treatments. As a life coach, she learned that through controlling other aspects of her body such as emotions and thoughts, she could lose weight and take control of her life, both physically and mentally.

Dr Delane also hosts a podcast, Living A Naturally Healthy Life With DelaneMD. The podcast is for people looking to crack chronic illnesses like Diabetes through lifestyle change.

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