Four Tips When Your Confidence Is Shot

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A businesswoman with her colleaguesThere’s good news and bad news about having your own business.

The good news is you are your business.

And that’s the bad news, too.

It’s great when your personal life flows and glows.  And life is even sweeter when your business hums too.

You believe in what you do. You are clear on how you deliver it. You see the value you give your family and God’s hand guiding the way.  You recognize the way you help your customers improve their lives. You put your message out there with great results, your confidence soars.  You attract paying clients and achieve your financial results.

But…life doesn’t always work out that way. We all have times when our confidence takes a hit.

You need a prescription how to boost your confidence.

So what do you do when achieving your business results requires you playing your “A” game, but you want to hide out in the dugout?

Here are four tips to get out of any confidence slump:

1. Determine the root of the confidence buster

Is a personal matter dragging you down? Have you had a series of setbacks or a tsunami of rejections? Could it be that time of the month that leads to the insecurity? When you can pinpoint the source you can take precise action to eradicate the confidence squelcher at the root.

2. Nurture Yourself

As a general rule, a hard core, pull-up-your-bootstraps approach doesn’t motivate women. We do better with understanding and recalibrating. We may need a little gentle self-parenting and some TLC (tender loving care) to mend what is blocking your inner and outer shine.

3. Set Yourself Up For Success

It’s wise to ease back in when your confidence is bruised. Pick tasks you are likely to succeed in, even if it’s just being able to cross something off your to do list. Use this positive momentum to get back into completing the more nerve-inducing tasks.

4. Remember Your Call

If having your dream life was so easy, everyone would have it. Emotional bumps are the price of playing a bigger game. Keep focused on both the vision for your life and the positive impact you have on those you serve in your business. Go back to your “why”, the reason you stepped on this mom biz boat in the first place. Normalize the doubts and resolve to overcome them. Getting out of self and into serving others will help you stride back into confidence.

God’s given you a call, and it’s up to you to do it.  When you learn how to boost your confidence at low points, you develop the perseverance needed for long-term success.  Use your confidence slump as a way to rise to an even higher plane in your business and personal life.

Catholic Mompreneur’s Biz and Life Tips:  Don’t ignore slumps in your confidence. They will give you important clues into the next steps that God wants you to take.

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