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I promise I’m close to the end of my ranting about the past election.  Momentous events demand thorough analysis to avoid repeating the mistakes of the recent and distant past.

In addition to getting your personal financial house in order  and paying attention on how personal voting choice illuminate the inner workings of the soul, you need one more directive to recover from this election:  know your world.

Knowing the world in which you live powerfully guides you to doing constructive actions based in reality.  For me part of knowing my world is being honest about the motivations of a majority of our fellow citizens of color, primarily Hispanics, those of Latino origin such as Mexicans, etc.

I love brown.  I love Hispanics.  And I know quite a number of Hispanics in a unique and personal way.  I speak Spanish and am a trained play therapist.  Consequently, I am an in-demand Spanish-speaking therapist in my area.  My clinical caseload consists between  25% and 50% of Hispanic clients at any one time.

And they are they best clients.  They are delightful to be around. They show up for appointments.  They follow the recommendations I make.  They are hard working and try to make a better life for their children.  They have beautiful family values and know how to enjoy life.  A large majority of Hispanics are Catholics.

When I heard that 75% of Hispanics voted for the pro-abortion President Obama, I was disappointed in a similar way as when the statistic that 51% of Catholics overall voted for him.  Recent research validated that Hispanish voters are more motivated by receiving government benefits than any particular stance on immigration policy

I love brown, but our country is not designed to accommodate massive immigration of people who look for what their country can give them rather than what they can give to their country.  And corrupt politicians who promote dependency on the government are pushing us closer to the tipping point to where those wanting to raid the treasury outnumber those who are depositing into it.

The situation is not as bleak as it sounds as long as pro-life Catholics don’t disengage  True social justice is understanding the world,  staying engaged, and taking the individual steps God might be calling you to take to keep America the place to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Prayerfully consider what God wants you to do to pass on a country that preserves freedom, not license, for generations to come.

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