Ice Cold Tea in Boston

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My calloused response to the bombing in Boston runs like cold tea through my veins.  While my heart goes out for  the city and those killed and injured and their families, inside I’m screaming, “I told you so”.

I told you that you can’t kill 3,150 unborn babies a day, including 92% of all children diagnosed in utero with Down  Syndrome and not have an effect on your culture.  You can’t have 3 states legalize Physician aid-in-dying or “assisted suicide”  and not cheapen life.  Why is everyone   appalled at the death of an innocent eight-year-old and shed few tears at the  millions of innocent children ninety-six months younger killed each day?

Why won’t we accept this to happen while immersed in a culture of death?  Violence begets more violence.  I expect more to come.

There’s always the possibility some nut was making a point on tax day in the historical Boston Tea Party spirit.  The drastic shifts in the increased tax burden on  half of the citizens who pay taxes and the increased dependency of the rest and the compatibility of that philosophy with a Catholic world view is a topic for another blog.  But it is further evidence of culture and country in moral decline.

Regardless, I refuse to be in the doom and gloom crowd. The antidote to cold-blooded murder like those at the Boston Marathon or Sandy Hook Elementary is to respect life. Peace and commitment to the culture of life begins with me and you.  We stop the violence by stopping it from being a part of our lives, blocking television, movies, music, video games, and anti-life attitudes and lifestyles for us and our families.  Be part of the sleeping giant of Catholics rousing from their slumber to reclaim our country and our culture.  And be the peace, truth, and light the world desperately needs.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Don’t let the news bog you down.  Pray and ask God how to make you part of the solution.

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