International Marketing (Part 1)

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My dad is a psychologist.  One of his specialty areas is career counseling.  To help me have direction on my future education and career goals, when I was a junior in high school, my dad tested my interests.  Based on the results, he suggested that I major in international business with a minor in Spanish.  I had taken Spanish courses all four years in high school.

I did not know what “marketing” was.  Nevertheless, I took business and marketing classes at Kansas State and loved them.  The Spanish courses, on the other hand, were a killer.  I drudged through.  I became aware of what a homebody I could be.  Thinking of staying with a family I did not know in a foreign country, eating foods I was unfamiliar with, and getting away from the activities and friends I grew to love did not appeal to me.  I never took advantage of the study abroad opportunities.  Consequently, my Spanish skills were lackluster and it reflected my lack of adventure.

Fast-forward to almost 30 years later.  I was able to recognize the irony of God’s plan for my life.

I rarely travel abroad except for pleasure.  I have done marketing all of my adult life in my personal and professional life.  However, just the other day, it dawned on me that while I did not go to other countries to market internationally, via technology, the world has come to me.  Without intending it and with the aid of our new incredible technology, I am developing relationships abroad and have assembled an international marketing team to support me in my current business.

Our family adopted our daughter from China five-and-a-half years ago.  My husband and I sponsor a young lady in India in CFCA (Christian Fund for Children and Aging).  About a third of my marriage and family therapy practice is with Spanish-speaking families.   My graphics designer is from Columbia.  The lady who put together this website is living in France.  And my newest remote assistant and editor is from the Philippines.

I truly love the richness of the diversity I’m experiencing in interacting with these people from or living in different cultures. I can pick up on how we are similar and different with our traits, mannerisms, and world view.  It helps me know myself better and realize the world is really not as small as I think.
Catholic Women’s Guide to  Healthy Relationship Tip: Look for an area in your life where God pleasantly surprised you with the outcome.  Think about the gift He gave you and what you can do to show Him you fully appreciate it.

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