Interruption PTSD (Part 1)

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The birth of our first child awed me with the beauty of new life.  But, an unimaginable degree of sleep deprivation accompanied the bliss.  Yet the uncomfortable experience of never being able to finish anything hallmarked most my years of early motherhood.

Beyond the little baby times were the two-day and three-day half day pre-school trips.  By the time I got home from drop off, it seemed I was back at school for the next pick up.  My days sometimes felt like a jerky series of starts and stops.  I had trouble getting stuff done, especially anything that required concentration.

The milestone of our youngest Benjamin’s entry into full day kindergarten eradicated my choppy day.  Yet, I recently realized the inefficiencies of constant interruptions had infiltrated my work habits without even knowing it.

I was suffering from Interruption PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

In my mind serenity and balance imbued the lives of empty nesters or those without kids.  But because my husband and I are open to life, we are destined to an uncomfortably fast, stressful pace with little time to rest, reflect, and focus on a task for an extended amount of time.  I lived that life beyond its usefulness.

With all the kids in school I unnecessarily replayed the lifestyle of non-stop interruptions in how I structured my time. Because it was so familiar for so long, I was unconsciously re-creating in some of my daily structures when I had pretty much complete control of my schedule.

On Tuesday, learn what jolted me into reality and helped lessen the grip of my Interruption PTSD.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Ask yourself if you are making your life and your relationships harder than they need to be by not recognizing when you are in a transition and responding appropriately.

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