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The dynamic husband and wife duo, Paul and Kelsey Tompkins, are successful entrepreneurs, real estate investors, speakers, and coaches. They have completed so many fix and flip real estate deals that people began referring to them as the House Flipping Experts & the nickname stuck! Their entrepreneurial journey led them to launch Flippin Experts, LLC along with additional multimillion-dollar businesses which encompass all aspects of real estate investing and home renovations.

A true entrepreneur, Paul, has a proven track record for leading, developing, and growing businesses. His first entrepreneurial endeavor began at the age of 8 years old when he launched Tompkins Helpers, where he did any and all jobs he could get hired to do for his neighbors. Since then, Paul successfully used his Marine Corps training and business savviness to assist in launching multiple businesses including Celebration College in partnership with South Eastern University, Tranquility Realty, and Pristine Home Renovations. Paul’s passion is inspiring other entrepreneurs to take the next step, while continually growing and developing. 

Kelsey has a heart for inspiring others to uphold their values, know their self-worth, and have faith in the dreams that have been placed on their hearts. She believes that you truly have to love yourself and have courage in your convictions in order to be successful in business and in life. Kelsey enjoys using her personal experience in business to help others discover and achieve their goals.

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