Checklist to Keep Your Business Engine (Your Health) Humming

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As a Mompreneur, you know that many depend on you so regardless if you are sick, the show must go on. But don’t underestimate how your well-being powers your business success.

Your health is your business locomotive—from giving you bling you need to nail presentations, courage to make scary, rejection-laden sales calls; to energy for everything else.

To optimize healthiness, alternative and complementary medicine encourage prevention to avoid getting run-down.

Alternative Medicine claims to replace traditional medical treatments. Complementary medicine accompanies traditional medical approaches. Both take a wholistic focus on the mind, body, and soul to restore and maintain health.

See how many of these non-traditional health practices you can incorporate to boost your health quotient and your entrepreneurial energy to blow out your business goals:

  1. Mind Therapies – Psychotherapy and coaching sharpen your mind  differently.  In psychotherapy you better understand your feelings and choices and increase your  self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Coaching delivers fresh perspectives on your challenges, better decision making, more confidence, and greater productivity and effectiveness.

  2. Body TherapiesMeditation, deep breathing, massages and reflexology treatments clear the mind and lessen anxiety. Some body approaches  stimulate lymph flow to enhance your immune system. Natural Family Planning Systems like the Creighton Model Fertility Care not only helps couples regulate pregnancies, but can be potent diagnostic tools for serious health disorders.  Vitamins supplement your diet by filling in for vitamin deficiencies. For example, calcium supplements increase bone density inadequate calcium in the regular diet.

  3. Soul Therapies – Spiritual direction, prayer, Eucharistic adoration, and attending daily Mass foster a transformational  moment-by-moment friendship with God. Prayer heals, and increases your joy and life satisfaction.

Despite preventative efforts, the environment and genetics play critical roles in your health. Continue to embrace a wholistic approach in collaboration with your traditional med doctor by searching alternative and complementary medicine options.

Significant research backs traditional medicine, and the health system scrutinizes licensed physicians  more than unlicensed  alternative med practitioners. Realize that politics and economic power,  like with  influential  pharmaceutical companies, can eclipse  safe and effective alternative approaches.

Research and look at alternative approaches, especially those  being used in  alternative medicine-friendly places like Mexico and Europe. To prevent interaction issues, always communicate with your doctor about non-traditional approaches you would like to include.

The Catholic Mompreneur’s Biz and Life Tips:  Determine what preventative  wellness approaches you use and what new ones  to add to keep yourself in peak personal performance and treat your body like the temple of Holy Spirit that it is.

Christina Weber helps Catholic mompreneurs fully engage the power of their calling, earn more in less time, and get back to enjoying their families. To jumpstart your biz and life success, with her complimentary special report, “The Catholic Mompreneur’s Guide to 12 Things You Can Do Today To Earn More in Less Time,”  by clicking here.


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