Leading with your Strengths (Part 2)

 In Faith

Several years ago, I took a class at the YMCA to teach people how to do a sprint triathlon. A sprint triathlon consists of a 20-lap swim, six-minute ride on the stationary bike, and a two-mile run. All these can be done in less than an hour. The next two years I selected a triathlon and trained for it on my own.

This year I challenged myself to compete in the Triathlon Cup. The Triathlon Cup is a series of six indoor triathlons followed by an indoor/outdoor championship.

For the first few triathlons I trained hard following what I had learned at my previous YMCA class. But then I started to feel fatigue with the training and life got in the way of following my workout routine. Several of the triathlons came during the most inconvenient times, like during a jam-packed weekend or when I wasn’t feeling well or when I came off from weeks of lackluster workouts due to time constraints.

But to my surprise, after the first few races were done, I was in the lead in my age group. (There are advantages that come with elevated age!) You earn points for participating in the races, for placing in the races, and ultimately bonus points for completing all of the races. Now I really couldn’t quit; I wanted to maintain my lead.

The last half of the Triathlon Cup series was more about getting through each race than trying to have a stellar time. Often coming off from weeks without enough sleep, I simply resolved to do my best.

I could see my perseverance shining through. That same perseverance that saw me through marital struggles, infertility, and extended family issues.

In the next blog, see the surprises God has in store when we hang in there through challenges.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationship Tip: Think back to a blessing you received when you persevered.

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