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 In Self

After having my last monthly 30-minute sign language class before summer with my son and his 5th grade class, the assistant principal pulled me aside. She asked if I would consider teaching sign language next year as an elective in the middle school.

In the sign language class I have been able to discuss a variety of content with the kids in the name of practicing sign, such as having good manners, developing empathy, including others, etc. I’m sure that was viewed as an asset by the administration for the middle school students who would take sign language class from me.

But, I would go from one 30-minute class a month to a 30-minute class twice a week in an already busy schedule. Some grading I’m sure would also be required.

Yet, the experience of getting to know the kids in my son’s grade so well and to have some ability to positively influence their choices has been unmatchable. Having that kind of persuasive power throughout middle school on Ian’s peer group is an opportunity most parents don’t get.

So what’s a girl to do? Here I am trying to be more balanced and I am about to take on a project with eight times more of a commitment than I currently have.

Before I responded back to Mrs. Loyle, I needed some kind of a “sign”. Find out how my continued work with the personal organizer Kirsten showed me the guideposts I was looking for.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Don’t immediately dismiss an opportunity to have a positive impact on souls, until you’ve given God a chance to show how it might work.

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