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For those pro-life American Catholics in a state of post-election disillusionment after the re-election of the most anti-life president in modern times, I’m here to offer some recovery advice: heed to the messages of the election and focus on what is within your control. Make it personal.

First, is your personal financial house in order? The reality is that President Obama doubled the deficit, increased the national debt “more than all presidents from George Washington through George H.W Bush combined”. He is now unencumbered in the implementation of his Affordable Health Care Act, a law that that will bankrupt the country as well as open the door to all kinds of anti-life attacks such as euthanasia and government-paid abortions and sterilizations. There’s no end in sight to the programs designed to buy votes, redistribute wealth, and create more dependency on the government with the accompanying out-of-control spending. Obama succeeded in secured votes with government goodies. Obama garnered 75% of the Hispanic vote. Recent research validated that Obama’s promised and delivered government benefits, not immigration policy, motivated Hispanics, many of whom are Catholics, to vote for the most anti-life president in my lifetime.

Currently, 50% of Americans receive some form of monthly government assistance. The greater the number of government dependents, the more likely those individuals will vote for the politicians who provide them. A look across the ocean (Greece and Europe) prophesies the collapse this unsustainable way of operating produces. This mindset and the spending is not sustainable. And our country is becoming a testimonial of the quote, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury (Alexander Frances Tytler).

Catholics aren’t Liberterians. We advocate caring for the less fortunate. But saddling our children and grandchildren with insumountable levels of debt is immoral. The majority of the electorate has spoken and chooses to ignore financial realities, but God is speaking loud and clear here: get your financial house in order now.

Tune in next time to what the election shows us about Catholics who disregard Church teachings on voting with a Catholic conscience.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Being generous while managing your money is a prudent and responsible way.

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