Ready for more abundance in your life, business, and ministry, but not sure how?

MANIFESTING can clarify your goals and help you create a clear path for success in 2019!

Isn’t it time you try something new, open your eyes and your mind to learn a new approach to defining and achieving your goals!

Make your plans and dreams happen through this science-based and spiritual process. Remove self-limiting perceptions. Clarify your vision. Use your mind and emotions to create a strong image and direction to actually make your plans and dreams come true.

Learn the secrets of Christ-centered manifesting

Once you learn the tools, process and practical techniques to visualize and achieve your personal and professional goals, you’ll experience:

  • Better clarity, satisfaction, and peace with what you create because you are removing self-limiting perceptions
  • Much bigger, seemingly out-of-reach goals because you are relying on a power greater than just yourself
  • More ease, fun, and flow in moving towards your vision because you are operating in a way that better honors and respects you, God, and others through the natural energy that moves between people and things

Class Overview: Here’s What We’ll Do Together

This eye-opening course is facilitated by Christina M. Weber, Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist, entrepreneur, speaker & business coach, who will guide you through:

Specific examples and evidence of what is possible to create when you use a manifesting process

Key direction on the principles in manifesting to avoid having an ineffective manifesting process or to manifest things you actually don’t want

Tools, materials, and agenda so you can apply the techniques in a practical way to specifically manifest what you want in all areas of your life in 2019

Where will you be in ONE YEAR?

It depends on the decision you make right now.  Picture it: one year from now…Where are you? What are you doing? How do you feel? Who are you with? Are you in the career, relationship and life you want? If you join this manifesting course now, you won’t be in the same place you are right now. You’ll finally be on the path that you want, doing the things you’ve dreamed of and achieving the goals you’ve envisioned! Sign up now and take the first step to the new you in the new year.

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