Mastering Self-Talk to Find Peace in the Single Life and Beyond

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As the years pass by, many single adults find themselves thinking, “Where did I go wrong?” The initial plan was to be married and happily living with a spouse already, but with that goal long gone, there seems to be nothing left to look forward to in life. These struggling singles are looking for a purpose in life and their own path to tread. 

Kate Hurley wrote her latest book “Getting Naked Later” with the explicit purpose of guiding singles to find the plan God has set out for them. She will help these blessed souls find their own community and happiness, and open up a new perspective on the beauties of being single. By letting God guide their actions, they will find that He has a perfect plan for them to follow; being single might just be what will make them happiest in life.

With almost a decade as a touring singer-songwriter and now a music instructor, Kate shares her creative mind with the world through her songs as well as her writing. She aims to depict God as a caring and loving father, the true image of our Lord. Kate tours worldwide, bringing her songs and inspiration with her wherever she goes. She wrote her book to further express her love of helping others, and hopes to reach every one of her readers. 

What started as a message of support and love to the single community has now evolved into a movement to help people upgrade their self talk as a means to uplevel their businesses and lives.

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