Modesty Fashion Show (Part 1)

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Recently I took my eight-year-old daughter Gianna to the Modesty Fashion Show sponsored by the Challenge Girls Club. The high school Challenge Club members strolled down the runway in outfits they put together emphasizing style, tastefulness, and authentic femininity.

The master of ceremonies was a young lady, who I believe served the Challenge girls in some capacity. She spoke of how as young girl there was always the desire to be beautiful. She shared her journey towards understanding what constitutes true beauty. She talked about the good memories when our mothers took the time to fix our hair and paint our nails.

A flood of guilt overcame me.

I was having a hard time making sure the kids’ finger and toe nails were trimmed. As far as the hair goes, many days it is Gianna racing to the car with me behind her yelling to make sure she brings her hairbrush. It used to be that a “headband” was a last resort, but now Gianna was lucky if she ended up being able to wear one.

As I was sitting there, I felt convicted for neglecting my care of Gianna. She is a beautiful girl, but had been looking straggly. I heard a voice in my head saying, “She’s only going to be this age for a brief time. Don’t miss this precious window of time to nurture and love her in this special way.”

So for our next “date”, Gianna and I were both glowing with satisfaction as I gave her a manicure and a pedicure. We were in front of our blazing fireplace, one of Gianna’s favorite things in the whole world, with the lights dimmed and relaxing music playing.

I was grateful for having my conscious pricked at the Modesty Fashion Show.

Tune in next time to read what we learned about modesty!

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