Modesty Fashion Show (Part 3)

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As part of the image and wardrobe upgrade I mentioned in the previous blog, I began to experiment with different clothes. I even purchased new bras, underwear, and camisoles. I am embarrassed to say my older bras were at least seven and even more years old. Once I got in the new ones the improved support was obvious. My awareness was instant of how my older bras had really needed to be retired years ago. The support was not just important for personal comfort, but can also be a factor in good breast health because of the improved blood circulation in the breast area.

With my helper Sonya, I went through my closet getting rid of what did not fit or look good. We made a list of some new pieces to add. I devoted some time to review and refine my outfits and was starting to have fun with putting together new looks.

However, I was still a baby in the process. I wish I’d known of guideline #2 from the modesty fashion show my daughter and I attended.

Modesty Clothing Guidelines: Remember that individual live in many different positions. People sit, stand, lean over, and climb stairs. How do your clothes, or lack of clothes, appear to someone seated alongside, above, and below you in your daily positions?

I had little time in the morning to get ready before my 7 a.m. Regnum Christi encounter after which I would be off to the office to see my clients for the day. I had selected an outfit based on Sonya’s suggestions, but I did not have time to actually try everything on together.

Fortunately, I was among friends.

After getting to my prayer meeting, I noticed my bra with the excellent support overpowered the camisole I was wearing to help keep things covered. The opening of my top was flopping down and I felt like I was flopping out everywhere. I felt very self conscious and pulled my cardigan jacket in front to cover the whole drama.

The good news is that I caught the wardrobe problems then and not in the middle of a couples therapy session with clients. I had enough time to run home and correct my “wardrobe malfunction”.

As you try to find the proper line between glorifying God with the beauty and the body He gave you with being respectfully modest, you will make mistakes. Give yourself some extra time while you are learning.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Set your clothes out and, if necessary, try them on the night before so that you look your best the next day.

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