My Red Bow Moment

 In Marriage

I always wonder what planet they are from.

But this year I had my own big red bow moment.

Last summer weeks before our 20th wedding anniversary, the diamond from my wedding ring fell out and never to be found.  I had been improvising with an inexpensive, non-wedding-ring-looking ring that only fit my middle finger.  So I was delighted when Joe handed me two boxes where I discovered two beautiful, elegant wedding rings to choose from that he and the kids had picked out.

The loving act was particularly thoughtful as we’ve had a couple of rocky months.  And that’s the exact point.  My husband didn’t act in love because he felt like it; he knew it was the right next loving thing to do.

The difference between many couples who divorce and many who stick it out is not much.  The ones who stick it out decide to love just one more time, regardless of whether or not they feel like loving.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Make that act of love just one more time no  matter how you feel.

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