Navigating the Culture of Films (Part 1)

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In our recent vacation-in, our babysitter stayed at our house for four days and three nights.   My husband and I had some time away from the kids and with each other at her place, several blocks from our home.  It was nostalgic to the pre-kids days when we would watch multiple movies on the bed in our dark basement over a weekend.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching several non-kid-friendly movies together on Sue’s comfy couch.

I do not seek out movies with sexual content. However, I do not subscribe to the idea that any sexual material is immoral.  For the right audience and in the proper context sexual themes may be appropriate in a film.  I believe it was Jim Caveziel who concurred and added that there is a bigger problem with some films..  A movie is of poor moral quality when it attempts to distort reality and the truth about the human person by making something evil seem good.

Find out in my next blog why based on this criteria, my husband and I found the movie “Like Crazy” to be intellectually stimulating and accurate in its message on morality.  It depicted well the pain that sexual relations outside of the context of marriage can cause.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Engage in the culture but know how to do so critically.

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