Never too Old for Another Birthday

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It’s easy to remember my father’s age:  he’s 30 years my senior.  Still in good heath, he is determined to live until his youngest grandchild turns 21 years. He welcomes each birthday.

Life has brought my dad happiness as well as sorrow in his 76 years on this earth.  It was not his plan to be once divorced and once a widow.  He did not expect to outlive his only son or for his son to have been multiply handicapped.  Yet, he cherishes the time with me and my family.  He loves my husband as if he were his natural son.  And he beams with joy and smiles as he spends time with, watches, or even hears anecdotes about his grandchildren.

In our small, four-person office, my dad and our office manager share September birthdays.  Fulfilling our office tradition together, we shared laughter and a birthday lunch at a local restaurant.

My father’s birthday and my daughter’s are only six days apart.  After Sunday mass we celebrated with gift exchanges over spaghetti, salads, and chocolate cake with thick icing topped with Breyers ice cream.  Gianna presented Papa Don with the bag containing our birthday gift to him:  a framed family picture, one of the photos recently taken for our parish directory.

No matter how old or young you are it’s always nice to be validated through the love of others that God made no mistake in the creation of you.  Attentiveness can cut through the loneliness that may accompany life’s longevity. A simple celebration of a birthday resonates the fact that you are a unique and valuable creation of the Divine.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Plan how you will acknowledge and celebrate the next birthday of a loved one in your life.

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