Night of the Living Art

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The Night of the Living Art showcased the time, talent, and treasure of the Altar Society ladies in my parish.   The creative bunch staged living replications of numerous famous paintings, including Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, with select parishioners that bore an amazing resemblance to the actual painting subjects.  Joe, the kids, and I joined several others in the parish in the dress rehearsal / preview for the kids.

This coming Saturday with dimmed lights, delicious food, and a sophisticated atmosphere, adults attending support the St. Vincent de Paul Society.  St. Vincent de Paul provides aid to the disadvantaged not only to resolve their immediate financial crises, but to help them take steps to get out of the cycle of poverty.  Through giving their riches, the volunteers relieve some of the struggles of those without.

The ladies have been meeting for months to organize the event and coordinate the volunteers.  The person in period garbed with a backdrop identical to the painting that is being emulated stands stoically while still breathing and blinking their eyes.  My eyes glance from the print of the painting to the living art display and back again.

The art literally comes alive…and it feels just like my parish.

My parish is alive with stewardship, alive with hospitality, alive with grace, alive with spreading the gospel.  At Blessed Sacrament, I feel like God touches me every day through the body of Christ I call my parish home.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships:  Make sure your body part is moving as it should so that your parish is as vibrant as it can be.

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