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Can not doing something actually help you get more done? A resounding answer would be “yes”.

Last week my coach recommended I create a “Not Do Now List”. Writing down everything I will “not do now” and getting it off my main daily “to do” list freed me more than I anticipated. The exercise enabled me to have the more delicate but important action items done. Not being bogged down by the sheer volume of items facilitated me to tackle the more challenging issues that I honestly would prefer be buried under much less critical, but easier tasks.

Navigating the stuff of life well is a spiritual asset. Our world consistently delivers good and bad distractions; proper Christian discernment make sure our priorities are in line with Our Maker. To be successful in bringing souls to Christ, one must practice prudent time management. Satan wants nothing more than to have us spinning our wheels on unimportant and ineffectual activities.

Ironically, only in saying “no” can we invest in our “yes” to the stuff God puts on our plates. Review your list periodically to see if it is time to start doing your “not do now” items. Ultimately, the “Not Do Now List” will get you one step closer to conforming to God’s will.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Start your “Not Do Now List” today.

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