Overcoming Obstacles in Business and Life

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Few of us are fully prepared for setbacks in life, whether they happen in our business, in our families, our health, or any other sector. But it’s what we do with those setbacks that ultimately transform us into who we’re meant to become, for the good or bad.

How can we learn to take the obstacles in our lives and grow past them to become better people, better Christians, better business owners?

Our guest in this episode will share with us how her personal journey through some of life’s most crushing obstacles not only led to the other side, but to a richly meaningful life teaching others what it means to persevere.

Regina Pontes is the author of “Perseverance Is Key!”, a new release book chronicling her journey through life’s difficulties and how perseverance in faith helped her to heal and overcome. “Perseverance Is Key!” received a coveted award from the 2019 Catholic Press Association Book Awards, which strengthened Regina’s belief in God’s desire for her to share this powerful message.

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  • John

    I’ve known Regina since we were young teens and she is an amazing person. We use to sing in the church choir together and she had an amazing voice. Knowing all the tragedies that has happened in her life she gives me inspiration to move forward with God’s grace and help!

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