How to Utilize Video to Connect with Your Ideal Clients

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Social media, web search ads, flyers, networking: these are all commonly used forms of business marketing which most of us feel comfortable using. However, most of us are missing out on one of the absolute most powerful ways to create and maintain connection with potential clients and customers: video marketing.

Our guests in this episode share with us some of the reasons why video marketing is such an underutilized and underestimated tool, and how you can learn some tips and tricks to video marketing creation whether you do it yourself, or seek out a qualified video marketing professional to help you. 

Steve and Jaime Geffner are the husband-wife,  co-founders of Geffner Productions, a video marketing firm. Jaime is a past producer of “The Dr. Phil Show”, while Steve has a filmmaking degree and gained his foothold into the industry by working on the popular sitcom “Frasier”. Together, they provide complete video marketing design and creation for businesses, as well as teach business owning creatives how to DIY their video marketing.

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