A Health Recipe For Your Body, Mind, Soul (and Wallet)

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As we focus on pivoting our businesses in the current climate, working hard on our next big project, most of us may not be paying as much attention as would be in the state of our health and fitness. The gym is closed, we have more time on our hands, and the loss of normal routines can contribute to weight gain, depression, fatigue, and increased susceptibility to illness. 

Our guest in this episode will inspire us to take a closer look at our overall health and wellness, sharing some strategies for real business owners to incorporate into our lives to stay healthy. 

Gina Ruby is a Certified Health Coach and has spent 15 years in the health and wellness industry helping hundreds of clients lose weight and improve their health. She is also a Business Mentor and not only built her own million-dollar team but has also helped many other entrepreneurs build their successful businesses as well.

Gina is passionate about physical and financial health and she is also a leading expert in infusing JOY into every area of life! Her “choose joy” mantra (which she came up with in the year 2002 after a devasting divorce) came in handy when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative breast cancer in 2018. Nobody wants to hear they have cancer and she buckled down and chose to blend holistic treatments with traditional treatments, while always having God as her foundation. She got to the other side of that tsunami with her dignity, confidence, and joy still intact and she shares her message with cancer patients all over the country.

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