Helping Young People “Construct” a Life and Work Plan in Obedience to God’s Calling: An Interview with Paul Robinson

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Many young people don’t know what to do with their lives, or what kinds of career options may be available to them. Our guest in this episode connects job seekers with opportunities within the construction niche, via a specialized service that elevates, enhances, and diversifies the profession.

Paul was a Construction Manager at Target for six years during which he completed a portfolio of 50+ projects, consisting of domestic new store and remodel construction and International expansion construction, totalling roughly $600M. There, he honed his natural interpersonal and communication skills to galvanize individuals of diverse backgrounds around an initiative; Target Corporation took notice and tapped him to consult them regarding the implementation of their diversity initiatives and education.

Paul Robinson is an entrepreneur, pastor, and motivational speaker who is passionate about providing education and resources to young people who can find fulfilment and career achievements through the construction industry.

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