Profit Comes First in Business Part 1

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We’ve all talked about how to generate revenue with marketing and branding, but what about how to make the most of every dollar? There’s so many crevices where money can slip through due to an incomplete financial plan, or lack of knowledge about where your money is going. We want to have control over our finances, and live a life of freedom and abundance.

Our guest today wants to unlock that potential in each business. Rocky Lalvani works with small business owners to open up more channels of profit through proper planning. He finds each gap in your business that soaks up your money, and aims to repair those cracks in your cash flow. With Rocky, you’ll find yourself prioritizing Profit First, and ridding yourself of unwanted expenses.

Rocky set off on his journey to financial abundance at a young age. He coped with his mother’s death at the young age of 7, but pushed through to earn his title of a certified Profit Answer Professional. With his master’s in business, Rocky wants to share not only his financial freedom with the world, but also the health, time, and spirituality that comes with this freedom.

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