Promoting Discussions on Faith and Reason

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What do you and 1.18 billion people across the world have in common?  You are members of the Roman Catholic Church.  And if the word properly gets out, we’ll be united in implementing Pope Benedict XVI’s goals for the Year of Faith, which begins October 11.

The year of faith has three goals.  First, we celebrate and strengthen our relationship with our faith and the Church.  Second, the Church promotes discussions balancing faith and reason.  And lastly, we respond by sharing our faith with others.

The Church’s directive is timely when many Catholics suspend any investment in learning and growing in their faith after childhood.  If even a portion of Catholics increase their participation in faith-building activities, there would be powerful results.

People who don’t love the Catholic Church don’t know her.  Well-formed Catholics living their faith in the world evangelize powerfully.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Consider how you can go deeper in your understanding of faith and the Church’s teaching.

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