Refocusing on Health in the 4th Quarter

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For the 4th quarter of the year, let’s commit to refocusing on our health, both physical and mental. Sometimes it just takes figuring out a strategy or two that works well for us, and that will carry us strong through the busy holiday season without letting even more stress (not to mention pounds) pile on.

Our guest in this episode is a Health and Wholeness Coach who is here to share some of those strategies with us so we can feel well and strong in our bodies so we can accomplish our goals for the 4th quarter without feeling sluggish, fatigued, and heavy. Leah Kline has gone from a sufferer of chronic illness and weight gain to a holistic lifestyle coach, and author of 3 books on living a healthy and balanced life.

Get Leah’s booklet, 10 Simple Recipes for a Happy Gut

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