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The pro-life film “October Baby” opened last weekend. We try to support pro-family, pro-life, and any film of good quality. My husband and I deliberately saw the film in the theater.

Suspicious with the 1 ½ star reactively-written review I saw in the Wichita Eagle, the same rating was given to the blockbuster “The Passion of Christ”, I looked forward to seeing the movie for myself. Being pro-life, the content did not get under my skin like it seemed to a number of “professional movie critics”. The acting was good, and there was chemistry between the actors. The movie moved and kept me engaged. The message of forgiveness was an unexpected positive twist.

As often the case with Christian films, it was too overt in its message and tried to make everything come together in too neat of a package. With some script changes this movie could get three stars. I recommend any Christian see the film. Yet, I would give it only 2 ½ stars.

After seeing”October Baby”, out of curiosity I read a number of other reviews. They were as far apart as the abortion issue itself.

The actress in the film who played the mother who aborted the twins disclosed her own abortion. She described how much she could relate to her character and how doing the film healed her. Through the reactivity I saw hurt and fear, very much like what the actress described experiencing a release by being open.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Understanding that many adamant pro-choice people experience deep hurt, fear, and frequently have personal experience with abortion can help you approach them with kindness and compassion.

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