4 Ways to Fix a Focus Problem

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stressed-businesswomanEntrepreneurial freedom can lead to business failure if you don’t focus in your business.

Success is doing the right things well.

So you first need to know what “right things” you need to do in your business.  And once you do, you must be focused in your implementation.

The following are signs that you are losing focus in your work time:

  • periods of being spaced out as chunks of your work time passes,
  • making excuses for popping up and out of your seat frequently,
  • feeling like you are accomplishing little.

You could have a secondary or primary focus problem. A person with a primary focus problem has never had the desired focus in his or her business.

A person with a secondary focus problem at one time had good focus.  Somewhere they lost it along the way.

Primary Focus Problems

If you have never experienced good focus in your work time, it doesn’t mean you have ADHD (although you might).

Having primary focus problems flows from being ignorant of how to use good systems and not having appropriate processes in place.  It could be that you are not 100% sure the business strategies are the right ones for you, so you waver in your enthusiasm of implementing them.

Secondary Focus Problems

A newly found focus problem could represent shifting priorities, business needs, and a plan that needs to be updated.  Things may have clicked at one time.  Now with, perhaps a change in life circumstance what you were doing no longer fits.  Your unconscious may have created a drag to let you know some revisions to the strategies need to be made to avoid going in the wrong direction.

4 Steps To Fix The Focus Problem

Either way, some or all the following four steps could do the trick to realign you and your business, so you can get back into good flow.

1. Establish or re-establish goals and objectives

Our brain wants to please us.  When we have a clear vision, our brain works hard to find the people, places, and things to get us there.  When something has changed that affects our vision that our conscious mind is not up-to-speed on things are misfiring in our brain. The same effect shows in our actual work implementation.

Review and change your goals and objectives to achieve confidence and efficiency.

2. Determine whether you have too many or conflicting goals

Like in step one, too many goals can overload the pathways in the brain.  When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. Your brain doesn’t know what to do first, so it sends confusing messages about what to do next.

Take a look at your goals and be honest if you are trying to do too much.  Create a priority list and use it when you need to be doing two things at the same time.  Being more realistic about what you can do opens up space in the brain to actually do the work.

3. Acknowledge your Learning Curve and Systematize

Sometimes you become unfocused because you are doing a new task and aren’t completely clear how to execute it.  You may find yourself procrastinating because you aren’t  sure how to get started.

When you realize you are ignorant of the best process  and it is causing you to be stuck, devoting time to systematize the task can uncork you.

4. Assess and Address Your Inner Game

Sometimes having poor focus is really about a much bigger energetic issue.  You may have a mismatch between where you are energetically with the success you desire to achieve.   Your current belief system might limiting you from getting you where you desire to go.

For example, if you can’t picture yourself having the kind of financial success you are striving for because you are feeling unworthy, you aren’t going to get your whole being working for you in a focused way toward the goal.

Journaling can help you see what limiting beliefs might be in play.  There are a number of techniques for overcoming inner game problems to help you work through them.

You really can earn more in less time when you make the most of your time at work and play.  Poor focus can be a symptom of many things. Do your best to figure out and eradicate the root cause.

If you need more help I would love to schedule a complimentary GPS (God’s Will Planning Session) to see where the gaps might be in you achieving your Holy Spirit-inspired vision.  To get on my calendar go to http://talkwithchristina.com.

Christian Women Entrepreneurs Biz and Life Tip:  Make sure you have set work times, so you can recognize when you are not focused and need to be realigned.  

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