Support For Hiring Right: An Interview with Annette Alvarez

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For any business to grow, the team must expand past the founder.  Good hiring decisions catapult profits and move towards one’s vision.  A bad hire, especially in a small company, can be financially devastating.  And in larger organizations where safety is involved like Fire and Police Departments, the costs of a bad-fit employee can be lethal.

Procrastinating hiring decisions keep you stuck.  But how can you have confidence you are making the right selection of your next member of your team?

Annette Alvarez is the President and CEO of FirstIdea, Inc., a human resources consulting firm that specializes in testing and assessing candidates for hiring or promotion. 

Annette brings more than 20 years of experience in general management, finance, operations, strategic planning, and customer engagement across several industry verticals. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bryant College and went on to earn an MBA at the University of New Haven. She has been repeatedly recognized for excellence in the creation, nurturing, and supervision of high-functioning teams, productive work environments, and organizational culture.  

As a minority business owner herself and a native Puerto Rican, Annette’s company has the expertise and background to advise and manage business owners and organizational leaders on sensitive cultural and diversity issues within the hiring, recruiting and the engagement process.

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