Taking Small Steps To Big Wins: An Interview with Staci Wallace

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How long is your to-do list? If you are most people, the answer, probably, is  “too long.”

An old report by the Huffington Post said that 41% of to-do list items are never completed at all.

Are you one of those?

Rather than accept defeat in the face of towering to-do lists, some have been turning to a new form of tracking progress. And our guest in this teaches the 1%  Method of Microprogress, the same method that led to 9-figure success and supporting hundreds of thousands of small business start-ups.

Staci Wallace  Wallace is a leading expert in the field of business psychology, growth hacking, and personal life mastery.  Whether on stage or online, Staci uses her unique “warrior” story of miraculous physical and financial breakthroughs to teach other business leaders how to turn setbacks into monumental comebacks.

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