Here are some of the wonderful things Christina's clients have to say about her Christian coaching programs:

I reached out to Christina because after 20 years of being in business. I was still not achieving the financial volume I desired. My business was in a state of constant flux – either feast or famine. I was suffering emotionally and physically. I saw her post on Linked in and out of

I saw her post on Linked in and out of total depression I contacted her.

Christina responded and we set up a meeting. After she asked me a few questions and I talked about my struggles she was able to sum up what I had been dealing with over a long span of time.

I believe that her years as a therapist give her insight beyond what most business coaches have. She was able to help me clarify my situation (s) and find resolve.

The spiritual aspect is the core of her work and is very effective – because money isn’t the only goal. It is about overall health in all levels of life. She is extremely intuitive and has helped me not only with the financial piece of my business but she has helped me grow as a person.

I feel that I am healthier now emotionally and physically than I have ever been. My life from the inside to the business has been transformed.


Holly D. Harper
Owner, Persnickety Painting Inc


Paula Sanders
Owner, Paula Marie Salon

Before working with Christina, I was paralyzed with fear and overwhelmed with what direction to take in my business. At the time I was going through some major life changes (divorce) and Christina helped me to see that the fear was much deeper than business decisions or an abusive relationship.

After I dealt with the underlying fear and anxiety, my thinking and decision making became more clear and I could move forward with my business ventures. I needed guidance on how to be more successful with my business and to move out of the stagnant place I was in. Also, it was important to me to work with someone that manifested Christian values and incorporated them into my plan.

I first began working with Christina because of issues with my business but what I have gained has been so much more! I am learning so much about myself, working with mental blocks and false beliefs that have plagued me for a lifetime and now I working towards the woman God has created me to be!

Christina fell into my lap when my business was at a crossroads. She stepped in at a time when my goals and finances were being compromised, based on the fact I was juggling a few business opportunities at one-time and had lacked a sense of work life balance.

Christina helped me set realistic goals for each business, including the goals for my family and my personal well being. Our plan for short term and long term goals were rooted in living an abundant life with faith at the center.

Tracking each month with her and her accountability was priceless. She helped me secure the sale of one business and the growth of another. Ultimately my fitness, prayer life, date nights with hubby and 5 children remained the focus.


Peggy O’Flaherty
VP Business Development, OneParish
Executive Consultant L5, Rodan + Fields
Owner, Creating Space

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