Thanks to the Church for What I Didn’t Do

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Church philosophers compare the Catholic Church to Noah’s Ark.  Noah, his family, and all the animals nestled safely inside of the vessel perfectly designed for the unknown voyage ahead.  We emulate Noah’s wisdom when we step into the protective and nurturing walls of the teachings of the Catholic.  So this Thanksgiving I am grateful for the things the guiding hand of the Church led me not to do:

  • Thank you Catholic Church for me not going over the deep end during my high school and college years. –I wasn’t a perfect angel, but good-old Catholic guilt was instrumental in protecting me from myself.
  • Thank you Catholic Church for not sliding into marriage.  I knew as a Catholic that serial matrimony was not an option.  Consequently, I prayerfully discerned that Joe was and is the spouse God made for me.
  • Thank you Catholic Church for guiding me not to blow it by not having kids. –The Church opened my eyes to the beauty of having children before it was too late. I almost bought into the feminist lie that career trumped motherhood.  I can’t imagine the emptiness of my life without Ian, Gianna, and Benjamin.  Today my only regret is that we weren’t able to have more.
  • Thank you Catholic Church for helping me not bail on my marriage even when I wanted to.  Even the spouse God plans for you can be a thorn in your side (and vice versa, I’m sure).  I’m grateful for the wisdom, tools, and resources to be able to transcend any challenge.
  • Thank you Catholic Church for helping me not neglect the people in my life. My faith shows me the value of my relationships and has provided an early alarm system to alert me when one of them needs my attention. The Church’s emphasis that people are more important than things and that charity is the crown virtue motivate me to keep my relationships fit and to be proactive when issues surface.

So what thanks do you owe the Church for the things you didn’t do?

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  How is your life better because of what the Church taught you not to do?

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