The Anatomy of Turning Your Vision Into Reality

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Over a year ago I was working out on my bike in the city with my feet locked in my foot clips.   In a failed attempt to stop at an intersection, the communication between my mind and body broke down. My brain commanded my feet to slide out of the clips, so I could ground my feet to safely stop.  Instead, in slow motion, I crashed on my right shoulder to prevent traveling into a highly trafficked street.


With my normally high pain tolerance, I waited for my shoulder to heal. Despite an extended period of time,  the soreness remained. My chiropractor suggested rest from regular activities and rehab exercises. Miraculously my shoulder felt like new again.

Now that my right shoulder is feeling better, I became aware of a previously undetected ache in my left shoulder. I attempted the same rest and rehab prescription.

Still feeling the pain, my chiropractor suggested that I might have a torn cartilage. He recommended an appointment with my family doctor.

After a physician visit, x-ray, and MRI, an orthopedic surgeon diagnosed a very small tear in my rotator cuff tendon. He advised against and wrote a script for a month of physical therapy.

The physical therapists encouraged me that I had a common tear, that  temporarily avoiding actions causing inflammation, strengthening the muscles around the injury, and applying healing facilitation techniques could correct. The PT  reported that many people have similar tears and don’t notice. In a month or so, I should be back to normal.

Not shortly before this, I had listed on my vision list that one of my goals was to have a body that feels optimal. With half a decade under my belt, an active lifestyle, more than optimal computer sitting screen time, and cutting back from some massage and other pampering I used to do on a more frequent basis, I have felt tightness in different muscles in my body.  

Had I not have the awareness of my body not feeling its best, I could have easily ignored the discomfort, continued to engage in activities that aggravated it and never taken action to help my body heal. I could have  spent the rest of my life with soreness and pain in my shoulder when moving it in certain positions.

But, my clear vision –a body that feels great – kept me  paying attention to the “contrasts” to what I wanted. With minimal effort over and four or so weeks, I will have healed, pain-free shoulder for the next half  of my life.

So, what does my shoulder rehab have to do with the anatomy of making all of your biz and life visions reality?  Well…everything.

Here are the moving parts you can apply to any part of your vision you want to create:

  1. Have clear, prioritized goals. – To have the business success, personally define  “success”. Rank how important achieving your success definition, relative to other goals. When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.
  2. Determine and adjust the actions to reach your goal. – If I had not done the rehab exercises on my left shoulder, I would have not detected the torn tendon.   If I had not communicated to my chiropractor, I would not have known the next steps. If I did not value proactive health, I would not have had regular appointments with my chiropractor.   All of these are actions driven by the vision I have for my body and my health. Often the first action doesn’t get you to the result you are looking for, but rather leads you to the next action to take. The same applies to your business. Once you have set a goal, say for increasing revenue, you identify and engage in the action that will lead to the outcome you desire.  If your action is not effective in achieving your outcome, you have to step back and determine why. Are you not getting the result because you are not doing the right action? Or is it that you are doing the right action, but not at the skill level necessary to achieve the result? Being honest about the results you are getting and taking that next action step and adjusting as necessary will get you to your goal.
  3. Honestly assess your commitment to your vision. – If you aren’t doing the action at all or don’t invest the time and energy to figure out which action to take, your goal is negotiable. You are ambivalent about achieving it.  With non-negotiable goals, you identify and take the actions that lead you down the yellow brick road that will allow you to reach the goal.

This step-by-step process diagrams the path towards identifying and finally achieving your vision. The vision itself, if you have not gone deep enough to discover it, might be the issue.   Not getting to the root desire and flushing out conflicting priorities causes your unconscious to throw in the towel.

I help people uncover their true vision and the steps to achieve it. Make 2020 your best year ever with my Manifesting Your Vision session.  I help you 

  • discover your Holy Spirit-inspired vision, 
  • figure out obstacles, and 
  • identify several strategies to overcome those obstacles. 

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Watch this video below:

The path to achieving your vision – Vision -> Awareness -> Action -> Instruction -> Vision -> Rinse and Repeat

Posted by Christina Marie Weber on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Christian Biz Owners on Fire Biz and Life Tip: Change is inevitable.  With a clear vision, you shape rather than react to change, which results in you creating a life and biz you absolutely love.

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