The Chain of Optimism (Part 2)

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As I mentioned in “Chain of Optimism (Part 1)”, an enthusiastic, confident, petite, K4J mom named Carrie navigated the lifeboat that help me avoid despair in the apostolate I was leading. I met Carrie, the founder of K4J Kathleen Conklin, and several other Kids for Jesus Directors from across the country at a Regnum Christi Youth Formation Convention, geared to form leaders who work with youth apostolates. Carrie was helping with K4J nationally. She offered to have regular apostolic dialogue ( a regular one-on-one talk to help the person and the apostolate be healthier and to grow,) with any interested local K4J director. I took her up on her offer.

I immediately felt validated that my experience was not unique, supported by someone who personally knew my struggles and how to overcome them, and relieved that I was not the pioneer blazing the trail; Carrie and others had gone before me. I learned not only from her experience, but the experience of half of the K4J Directors across the U.S. who were also having apostolic dialogue with her.

Carrie showed me how to take steps that would notonly profit the apostolate and those we served, but also directly benefit me and my family. She showed me how to invite others to serve and to develop leaders. She taught me how not to weigh myself down with the burden of the souls I was serving or trying to serve. She taught me to let go.

And so I did let go…

I absorbed Carrie’s optimism and trust that God really did have a bigger and better plan than what I could imagine. I became willing to accept God’s outcome. Still being available for those interested in K4J, I stopped chasing people to join the K4J club. I emotionally released the volunteers who no longer wanted to help.

And I ended up getting new volunteers, more passionate and enthusiastic about how K4J could benefit their kids and families. We built a core of five strong families with others coming in the periphery, attracted to the positive energy.

And God transformed me into a link on the chain of optimism for those serving with me. See how this chain of optimism helped take Kids for Jesus to the next level in our community in my next blog.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Look for a mentor to keep you encouraged on your journey of Christian service.

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