The Clarity of Letting Go

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Two great coaches instrumentally guided me to successfully building “The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships”.  Without them I would have been lost in the nuances of  information products, Internet marketing, and the coaching businesses brought by being a solopreneur.

My first coach, shortly before I switched to the second, had recommended I do a weekly podcast and that I interview persons of significant influence in the Catholic community on my program.  Until I got the guests, my coach suggested I discuss a couple of the blogs I wrote for the week.  With trepidation I set the date for my first podcast, freaked by the thought of doing the podcast and even more intimidated with inviting Catholic leaders to be on my show.

After my second podcast I realized that doing the it wasn’t scary; I enjoyed being the host.  And it was convenient.  I slipped into my “studio”—my office or even my closet for better sound quality— with my laptop and headphones to have the audio for my show in less than 30 minutes. What opinionated control freak wouldn’t enjoy pontificating for a solid 30 minutes about what she thinks and feels!  Getting feedback from several people of how helpful the podcasts were to them invigorated me.

Nevertheless, each week I would announce in the introductory segment of each podcast that eventually we will have guests, but for now I will share on several of the blogs I wrote that week.  After 15 episodes and only one guest — my 5-year-old son Benjamin singing an adorable Advent song— my comments around guests and the format felt silly and even like I was apologizing for the short before it started, again, without guest.   The realization of the unpleasant logistics of getting guests with trying to coordinate schedules, dropping the current inconvenience of recording the podcast in my closet whenever I wanted to, and the marketing effort to reach out deterred me from making much effort to get a guest.

With a coaching assignment, I became 50 pounds lighter.  My coach asked that I list all of the activities I am doing, select the ones that are delivering the results, and let go of the rest.
The podcast was actually working just like it was.  Changing the format to have guests doesn’t work for me right now.  My coach had given me the permission to hold on to what works and let go of the rest.  So for now I no longer apologize for what my podcast isn’t, but rather celebrate what it is.

Free to choose what works best for me and my family, I walked away from the coaching call on a cloud.  Through discernment—the core of the spiritual life—God showed me one more step towards uncluttering my life.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationship Tip:  Discern what God is giving you permission to let go of to simplify your life.

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