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Photo from The Wichita Eagle

It’s not my tradition to be glued to the tube for the Heisman Trophy Award Show, but this year was different.  I’m a K-State Wildcat alumna and one of our own, Collin Klein, was one of the three finalists for the award.  And as Johnny Manzel from Texas A & M was handed the trophy with my guy in a distant third position, I knew that Collin Klein had won something more.  And he would give back more than anyone could imagine with his strong, confident witness that had nothing to do with football.

You see as a therapist I hear things most people don’t.  People share their deepest insecurities, their most vulnerable sides, their greatest fears.  From outward appearances you may never know the inner struggles.

And often with my younger clients I hear that a commitment to chastity is social suicide.  No guy would ever want you should they learn you won’t give yourself away.  Girls will think there is something wrong with you if you have no sexual experience…and everyone in the whole world is sexually active.  If you don’t join in, you’ll be a freak.

Collin Klein, accomplished, respected, poised, mature, humble, and a natural leader  stood proud and unapologetically answered on national television why he set the goal at 14 that the only woman he would ever kiss would be his wife.   Klein’s presence along with the flash in the audience of his beautiful wife of less than six months laid to rest the belief that  chastity makes you an outcast.  Chastity makes you happy.  Chastity makes you wise. And chastity lays the groundwork for a beautiful life and loving relationships.

So I think there should be a new award:  “The Kleisman Trophy”.   The Kleisman Trophy would be given to male leaders who inspire and motivate others to live a life of purity that will lead to true happiness, success, and a bright future.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  If you have one at home, start raising your own Kleisman Trophy Winners.

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