The New Time Management Paradigm

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Time management fundamentals – daily, weekly, monthly planning; vision work; accountability systems; priorities—remain the same over time.  But over the last quarter century our collective view of time mastery shifted.

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Today “time management” is now “life management”.  You manage your time not only  to improve productivity but also  to have  time doing things that are important to you over the course of your life—something Catholic mompreneurs like you have always known.

But you’re  missing any spoke in the time mastery wheel.  Even with a wholistic view on your time, life, relationships, and business, your time management and your life will fall short of expectations.  Make sure you are incorporating all of these components in your dance with finite time:

  1. Daily Planning – Without a specific strategy to approach each day, life gobbles your minutes with interruptions, unproductive works sessions , and scattered thoughts with random actions.

  2. Weekly Planning – The only way to tackle those important but not-urgent tasks that still require  time is through a weekly planning session.  Omit this step and you’ll stay on the treadmill of one crisis response after another while never making headway on some of your bigger goals.

  3. Monthly Planning – Similar to how the weekly planning provides, only with more options for scheduling the time-saving projects that require more time. Through this  you sharpen your ability to estimate how much total time projects take.  This provides a bigger picture  whether certain projects deliver adequate payoffs.

  4. Longer Term Planning (quarterly, bi-annual, annual, and longer) – Long term planning allows you to work backwards to make sure the logistics of your next steps and priority projects  fit with your bigger vision.  Without long range planning, the years repeat themselves with no substantial evolution in your life and business.

For your “time management” and “life management” efforts to pay off, you can’t skip any of these steps.  Without them your perspective becomes distorted as people grossly overestimate what they can achieve in the short run, and  under forecast what they can accomplish in the long run.

The Catholic Mompreneurs Biz and Life Tip: Don’t cheat yourself out of any of the core planning processes. Over time, time abundance and prosperity will become your life companions.

Christina Weber helps Catholic mompreneurs fully engage their calling, earn more in less time, and get back to enjoying their families. To jumpstart your business success, schedule a complimentary “Getting It Done Session” by clicking here.

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