The Price of a Bad Memory

 In Faith

If it weren’t for Memorial Day, I probably would not be prompted to visit my brother’s grave. Walking in the cemetery to Daman’s gravestone right across from the university isn’t overly emotional nor uncomfortable.

I could blame my lack of visits on the fact my parents did not purchase the expensive permanent vase to hold flowers. There never is any place to put my flowers. But, that’s not fair.

The truth is I don’t visit more because I rarely make the conscious effort to fit it in my schedule. I just don’t remember to do it. And underneath that reason is the belief that praying for him and with him doesn’t offer much value.

It is easy to “forget” about the things you can not see, just like I can forget my brother and our relationship by not spending much time at his grave or praying for him. But as Catholics we recognize the visible and invisible as both valuable. Often the invisible or spiritual are the most important things. Keep a keen eye so you don’t miss them.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: If there is something you avoid and keep “forgetting” to do, ask God to show you how he wants you to do it.

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