Three Do’s and Don’ts for Scaling Your Business with Integrity

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When you first start your business, often times you are excited just not to be working 9 5 on someone else’s business.

Typically, we focus first on surviving and then getting all of the moving parts working, so you don’t become a slave to your new enterprise.

Especially for lifestyle entrepreneurs, the idea of scaling isn’t really on the radar.

But over time with a reality check, you realize if you just manifest a job, rather than a business…

If you’re not working, you’re not earning,

If you get sick or tied up with some other personal issue, your entire business could go down the tubes,

And being needed 24/7 because everything in your business revolve around you,  starts to become a real drag….fairly quickly, depending on how “needy” your business is.

Scaling and having a business that runs without you starts to look more and  more attractive.

But how do you do that without going from giving your clients that personal touch to making them feel like a number?

How do you stay true to keeping the quality up, honoring your promises, and making your scaled business something your clients continue to be raving fans about?

That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about today in this show on…

3 Do’s and Don’ts to Scale Your Business with Integrity


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