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I’ve never seen my husband so perturbed. He ruminated all day, firing periodic commentaries after reading an article in “The Wichita Eagle” about a 22-year-old young man who left Harvard to spend a couple of years researching to prove that homosexuality is compatible with Christian beliefs.

The parents who have been funding this activity are my husband’s contemporaries and are active in a local Protestant church. Their son describes himself as gay. He indicates he has never been in a same sex relationship, but would desire one day to marry a man.

My husband’s first point of contention was that the 22-year-old was neither going to school full time nor maintaining a full time job to support himself. Instead he is aggressively investing his idle time contesting thousands of years of the traditional definition of marriage between a man and a woman.

My husband was taken aback by the self-centeredness and arrogance of pushing such an agenda fueled by his own personal agenda to marry a man. The far reaching negative ramifications of this social experiment are minimized or ignored.

I was struck by how social media has changed the way we handle our most intimate details. The young man seemed to need to publicize and somehow become an activist over such a very personal journey of self discovery and self acceptance.

But the bottom line is when you see such misguided conduct, look back at enabling parents. A young person who is responsible and accountable for supporting himself does not have time to create these kinds of havoc in the society. With a regular life and schedule, most personal issues can be worked out and reconciled without needing to take the whole world down with you.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Help your children mature and make healthy spiritual choices by supporting them to be responsible and accountable in every aspect of their lives.

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