Train Wreck: Lesson 3

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My house and I have a lighter feel as we continue room by room the home organizing processes with Kirsten Awe of Three Pea, the professional organizer. Lesson #3 is being disciplined and clear in developing new habits. Consulting with Kirsten about the flow of my day, people and stuff, she helped identify ways to improve how I deal with those tasks.

As we were moving boxes around, Kirsten looked me in the eye and said, “It’s very important that you be disciplined”. Being organized, she said, is simply about having good habits.

Isn’t discipline in developing good habits the difference between having a desire to achieve something and actually achieving it?

So when I was tempted not to write out my to do list for the next day, or have that load of laundry ready to go for the morning, or making sure my clothes and the kids’ are set out for the next day, I replay Kirsten’s words. I have to make these habits something I do in my sleep. They will only become habits if I do them consistently.

Before getting Kirsten’s help, I didn’t even know which habits to change and how to prioritize them. Her input has allowed me to move forward.

But she can’t do the things in my daily routine that will keep me organized; only I can.

Whether it’s organizing your house or growing in holiness, the same principles apply. You must identify which habits you desire to change and be disciplined in implementing the habits of change.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Write down two habits you will need to develop to achieve your most important life objective.

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