Train Wreck: Lesson 4

 In Vocation

Dreading my next appointment with my personal organizer Kristen Awe (of Three Pea), we faced my notoriously cluttered home office. We shuttled files and notebooks upstairs all week from other locations, joining them with the piles and files of papers. It was an organization appointment where I would be working side-by-side with Kirsten.

I wondered how Kirsten could stand her job. But then again several people said the same thing to me about counseling conflictual couples or difficult adolescents.

One by one I went through every paper in every file, notebook, and pile, while Kirsten whirled around me doing her magic. It was a walk down memory lane and an awakening about how many papers I kept but didn’t need. Filling one large trash bag after another and putting my files on a diet, I let go and created space in my life.

This segues into Train Wreck Lesson #4: “You can’t reach new heights without letting go”.

Whittling away my files and letting go of what I didn’t need made room for all the things God wanted to give me: order, creativity, serenity, a less harried life searching for lost items and wading in piles and papers with no hope. Most of all through letting go God wants to give me more and better quality time with my family and opportunities for better self-care.

Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip: Ask God for the courage to let go of something that is holding you back.

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